6 weeks
Introduction to Cricket

Week 1 – Introduction to Cricket

Week 2 – Equipment and Safety

Week 3 – Batting Technique

Week 4 – Bowling Technique

Week 5 – Fielding Technique

Week 6 – Fitness Basics

6 weeks
VCC Fitness

Week 1 – Base development and Physical Assessments

Week 2 – Base+ Cardiovascular development

Week 3 – Intermediate Sport focus Core and CV developments

Week 4 – Intermediate Sport Core and CV focuses

Week 5 – Advanced Sport Movements

Week 6 – Advanced Sport Movements + Physical Assessments

VCC Under 12

Similar to the MILO in 2CRICKET Program that has been very successful in Australia.

The program teaches kids the skill to play cricket, through fun game based activities.

This program gives kids their first experience of playing games of cricket in a fun and social setting.

It helps kids transition into youth competitions. The program is designed to stimulate action and test game sense and skills whether batting, bowling or fielding.

A format that looks to further develop the cricket skills of kids that are playing their 1st or 2nd year of junior cricket.

The emphasis is on continuous and active participation, where all players get to bat, bowl and field.

VCC Under 14

Participation in the Toronto and District Cricket League games

League games provide further interaction with other youth players in the community and encourages leadership and decision making skills.

This format is ideally suited for those who have completed 2-3 seasons of junior cricket and have more developed batting, bowling and fielding skills.

Games provide further opportunity for skill development and match practice.

Also, a great format for those that have had limited cricket before but are looking to play.

VCC Under 16

Participation in the Toronto and District Cricket League games

League games with quality teams from across GTA.

Program is designed to enhance skill level over longer periods.

Game format suited for players looking to increase their involvement.

Fast, dynamic version of the game that allows for constant action.

Aimed at those who have played the game for at least 3-4 seasons.

VCC Under 18

Participation in the Toronto and District Cricket League games

Play league games of different format T20, 35 over and 40 over games.

Format is aimed at those who have had sustained involvement in the game with good hand eye coordination and advanced cricket skills and game awareness.

Opportunity to be selected to play for the Canadian National Team.

VCC Open Team

Participation in the Cricket League games across GTA (Toronto and District cricket association, Mississauga cricket premier league, etc.)

Play league matches of mainly T20 format. League matches take place from June to September and usually over the weekends

This program is aimed at individuals who have had experience playing either T20 or other formats such as 30, 40 overs with intermediate to advanced cricket skills and overall game awareness

Opportunity to be selected to play in multiple leagues across GTA

Practice sessions are held throughout the year, including indoor nets sessions during fall and winter season

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